Reward your team with a relaxing chair or table massage. The perfect stress reliever between meetings or during a break!






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What we can do for your employees

Chair massage

Perfect for relaxing those shoulders and upper back. Just sit down and let our masseurs do their magic to get that boost of energy for the rest of the day.

20-30 minutes per massage

Table massage

For when a more in-depth relaxing session is needed. While comfortably laying down, the whole body’s tensions get addressed and all the muscles get taken care of.

30-60 minutes per massage

More and better energy

By releasing energy locked away in tight muscles with a good stretch you get a healthy, free, and sustainable energy boost at work.

Tension Creates Mistakes

Tense bodies are less agile and responsive, more prone to accidents and injury. Tense minds are more rigid and less likely to find efficient solutions.

Care Matters

It communicates a culture of care, corporate wellness and models healthy relationships and generates optimism.

Sounds good, right?

We create unique packages, specifically designed to the needs of your team. Get in touch now for a quotation or answers to any of the questions you may have.

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